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Friday, October 27, 2006

How to make money (A lesson in three easy steps):

1. Buy a dress for $19.
2. Sell the dress for $177.
3. Dance the macarena.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy.
~ Cynthia Nelms
Music playing right now: Guster - Fa Fa (Never Be the Same Again)

Contentment is a slippery bugger. Hard to hold onto and impossible to nail down. I imagine a mischevious elf, sitting on my head with the goal of joie de vivre hanging off his fishing pole. He dangles it in my peripheral vision, just out of view. I always know it's there, but if I ever try and get a full-on straight-ahead look at it, just to see what it's made up of, it gets jerked away. It's the proverbial carrot-on-a-stick. Except I'm not so crazy 'bout carrots that I'd follow them that long. Maybe a Reeses-on-a-stick would work better for me. Regardless, the point is the same. I think Our Lady Peace said it well: Happiness is not a fish you can catch.

So I was surprised yesterday when I found that I'd caught it. Without trying. I think that's the way it works. It's like the flu. Or chicken pox. You can only catch it when you're not trying to. Somehow, with no Herculean effort on my part, sitting in the bathtub with a good book, a pretty wife, a purring cat and a full belly, I was pretty darn happy. I blame most of my state on Kelsey. If I had to list or describe what it is about her that twangs my heartstrings, I couldn't do it. I just know that holding her hand soothes me, and watching her sleep makes me want to coo like an old Jewish widow at a pram full of baby. She makes me comfortable and cozy and content and somehow in the midst of all that she made me happy, too.

It's scary knowing that so much of my joy is embodied by one person. One person who has the same fragile skin and organs as the rest of us. It means that one day I might lose that joy, my twinkle. But there's no future in thinking that way. Much better to sock away as much of her as I can while I can and give her back all of me in return. And together we'll make the world sick with our cuteness.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Here's to hoping the third time's the charm. Anybody want to join me this year?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Another reason to wander around the neighborhood late at night: Free foosball tables.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Some persons are very decisive when it comes to avoiding decisions.
~ Brendan Francis

A couple of years ago I splurged and spent $30 on a bike from the Salvation Army. It was only after I got it home that I discovered the 10-gear bike only had 2 functioning gears. Nevertheless it's held up pretty well. A few weeks ago the gear started skipping random notches in the chain. Which meant that about every 4th or 5th rotation my foot would jerk forward 2 or 3 inches and the chain slack would slap back into place. I think it's the bike's version of a death rattle.

Kelsey and I went biking in a neighborhood near our condo today. I think we figured out where the real people live. The ones who don't own three houses and maintain the one 2 blocks from the beach year round so they can spend 3 weeks a year in it.

I'm looking forward to moving into a real house with Kelsey. It's still a few years off. We have to make our condo perfect before we sell it and start all over with something else, but it'll be nice to have a yard and land to call our own. I know whatever we get it'll be smaller than we hope for and more expensive than we really want to pay, but Kelsey will make it beautiful. And I'll nod and be slightly frustrating to her by questioning all of her choices and telling her I want something totally outlandish and strange. But it'll all come together and be better than I thought it would be. Because that's just the type of neurotic buzzkill I am. I'm glad she puts up with me.

I'm so glad we didn't end up with an orange office like I said I wanted.

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